F You Nora

Danielle Mendieta and Julianna Carranza

A new sequel called A Doll’s House Part 2 is being shown at The San Diego Repertory Theater. Our very own theater teacher, Linda Libby, was seen in action along with actress Sofia Jean Gomez,  actor René Thornton, Jr, and actress Danny Brown. The cast proved capable of portraying their characters with zeal.

Libby’s character, Anne Marie, is found in squabble between Nora (played by Gomez) and Torvald (played by Thornton, Jr).

This captivating play discusses the topic of women’s roles and their place in maternal status. It takes place 15 years later, following the original classic production.

Was it right for a women to take control of her life and leave a bad marriage, or should they stay and try to patch things up with their spouses? This was one of the most prominent topics that came into the conversation throughout the show.

During the performance, the audience witnessed Gomez portray the strong headed, independent Nora, who returns to a home she had once walked out of.

During the Q&A with the actors, Gomez noted that the audience viewed her character as “villainous.” Nora’s need for self-fulfillment led her to abandon her family including three children, one of which she reunited with during the play. Brown portrayed Nora’s daughter, Emmy.

Even though Nora had not seen her daughter in 15 years, her only reason for meeting with Emmy was to gain something instead of actually get to know her. Many saw this as a selfish point in her character. However, they were able to connect to Nora’s different point of view.

The show was able to convey a series of emotions, which was portrayed spectacularly through the four characters. This in turn affected the mood of the audience as a whole.

Being able to connect to the play made many audience members leave with a lasting impression. Audience members seemed to thoroughly enjoy this play, recommended it to others. Performances occur on December 11-16 & 19-23 with tickets ranging from $24.50-$61.00.

This show is highly recommended due to its brilliant energy and intriguing dialogue.