Girls Club

Lawrence Ojeda

Girls, we have a club for you. An all ladies club is now open. This is where they can relax, talk, make new friends with other students, and can work on performances for pep rallies or talent shows. They meet almost every Tuesday and Thursdays after school but occasionally at lunch.

“My role is supervision and provide resources,” Yeccenia Alaniz said. She keeps in check on what these girls need and want they could possibly do in the club like performances, singing, dancing, ect. She doesn’t want them to have any backlash or any hate to each other during the time the club is active or outside of it.

“I want them to be open, kind and honest to each other,”Alaniz said.

“I really enjoy GC [Girl’s Club] and hope that we all have a great time,” Junior Monique Ramirez said.

Ramirez is a long time member of GC and is a Performer for the club. Sadly, the next pep rally is in March and they do not have any plans for a performance at the moment.

“I hope this club can continue in the future when I’m gone,” Junior Angela Scott said.

Let’s hope these ladies can keep the club going and in healthy status for future Bayfront girls.