Bayfront Got Spirit

Cheerleaders all over the county practice and prepare for the CIF competition. The moment where the pressure is on from the competition and everyone is fired up in excitement. Bayfront did a phenomenal routine with stunts, tumbling, flips, and smiles. They had some funny mistakes, but Coach Stephanie Erps was laughing through it all.

“I want to continue improving our stunts and I want to work on a more complex cheer. Which is the middle section with no music.” said. Erps.

Bayfront has a competitive squad and a spirit squad. The spirit squad is more fun based, like going to sports games or participating at pep rallies. The competitive squad practices and prepares for competitions, but also participates in sports games and pep rallies. The cheerleaders have been preparing their routine for 6 months, but only started actually practicing it a few weeks before the competition.

“The competition was fun, but I think we did okay on our routine for the short amount of time we practiced.” sophomore, Elvia Flores said.

The competition was very overwhelming for the cheerleaders, but it was a good experience to see how other schools were competitive. Fortunately, Erps was not intimidated at all. “I wasn’t intimidated. As a coach, I know what to expect.” Erps said.

“Communication could be better for the team because a lot of us would go on different times and counts for our cheer.” Flores said.

Bayfront will certainly improve their stunts and routines for next year. Overall, everyone did an amazing job and Bayfront is very proud. However, no one is as proud as Erps.


“I am so proud of our girls. They worked harder than we’ve ever seen and it

showed on the mat. They are miles ahead of where they were last year!”