Dr. Santos will be Bayfront’s next Principal

Lawrence Ojeda

Ladies and Gentlemen of Bayfront Charter, we are sad to announce that the Executive Director, Dr. Kevin Riley will be stepping down from his position and letting his companion Dr. Ryan Santos take over as Interim Principal.

“I’m most excited about is really improving and grow this school,” Dr. Santos said. Dr. Santos has been with Dr. Riley since Bayfront opened its doors. He will continue to help the school.

“I feel really grateful, and really excited to continue to do good work for students. I’ve been working with Dr. Riley since 2000, and I agree with a lot of his ideas. One thing we’ll certainly keep is having the students’ choice first,” Dr. Santos said.

“It was never was my plan to be principal, it just fell into my lap,”  Santos said.

Bayfront will be affected after Dr. Riley steps down.

“It will upset me that we lose a long time staff member of the school,” Nico Munez said. Students will be distraught and will miss the one that made Bayfront come to life and gave students a reason to be at school and appreciated. Overall Let’s hope this school can be as functional as time goes by and that Dr. Santos can keep this school healthy and productive in its years to come.