Freshman’s New Experiences

Sophia Raya and Julianna Carranza

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The freshman college trips are an eventful time for any student that decides to go. The freshman go to a variety of colleges that serve as a template for deciding the college they want to attend in the future.

Bayfront freshman attended tours at Fullerton, UC Santa Barbara, LA Film School, and Santa Barbara Community College, but not everyone decided to attend this trip.

“I didn’t go because of money issues,” freshman Ethanie Godinez says.

School Counselor Leticia Espinoza makes a remark considering this issue and what was being done to help with this problem.

“We connected with all of our students and we had scholarship forms for students who couldn’t pay…[but] we were limited,” Espinoza says.

In response to why students didn’t go, Espinoza states, “Some students could have felt embarrassed…[or] some families held different priorities when it comes to money.”

Though there was a small majority of those who didn’t attend the trip, there was still a large amount of students who and seemingly enjoyed their trip.

“I liked the fact that we were able to walk around and buy our own food at the different places,” freshman Micaela Dates says.  

Although there were many pros to this trip, some people felt that there were a few lackluster elements in this trip.

“I really didn’t like the long rides,” Dates explains.

Meanwhile others felt as if their trip was interrupted by the weather.

“I really liked doing tours, but we really didn’t get to do most of them because of the rain,” freshman Ximena Maldonado says.

Many students relate in their overall opinion about the enjoyable time they had on the college trip. Hopefully next year’s college trip is just as “successful” as this one.