A Goal in Sight

Brianna Brow, Staff Writer

Winter sports are now under way. The girls’ soccer season has just kicked off, and so far they have had two games with a win-loss ratio of 0-2. The soccer season is just getting started, with practice going on for the past month.

“These two games are just a warm-up. Though they’ve started with a losing streak, they can use that to encourage them to win the next games,” sophomore and game spectator Tanya Lopez says.

Lizzet Solache, who plays defense for the team, says she is “excited” for the new season.

“I enjoy our practices,” Solache says. “It’s a good mix of drills and actually playing. We are able to practice specific things and that helps a lot.”

As with many sports teams, there are things the girl’s soccer team can “improve” on when it comes to sportsmanship and coaching.

“We have to communicate more and trust each other with what we’re doing,” Solache says. “I’d like if the coaches told us specific things we need to work on individually.”

Girls Soccer coach Sara Carpenter has been coaching the team since its first season last year, and also believes there are areas for improvement within the team.

“We’re struggling with set pieces and communicating on the field,” Carpenter says. “ As a second year team, those are areas we’ll need to grow into, but we’ve grown a lot since last year.”

All in all, winter sports have only started this past month, which means there is still time for the girls to “turn their losses into wins.”

“The girls will be able to turn the season around, I just know it,” Lopez says.