What Do People Want For Christmas?

Carissa L. Godinez and David Carlos

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Christmas is on the way and people are wondering what gifts to give their friends and family. What people really want may vary from a gift that is on their wish list to simply having the opportunity to spend time with their families.


“I don’t really do Christmas, mostly because I don’t have enough money to buy presents but spending time with my cousins on Christmas eve is always fun because we stay up all night playing video games,” says freshman Rodrigo Moreno.


In this case, there is the option of spending time with friends and family.  People like to travel with their significant others or friends and families as well. There is also the option of getting to travel with your family and maybe going to Big Bear to ski.


“I love Christmas; everything about it,” says freshman Sergio Torres. “I love the food that it comes with and the tree and presents. One thing I would want for Christmas would be Fortnite Bucks.”


A lot of the students here at Bayfront wanted gifts that they could use and have fun with.  On the other hand, when you are an adult, sometimes you want completely different things.


“A nice, low-rent apartment,” math teacher Tianna Conde says.

All in all, people may want completely different things for Christmas. Whether it be an apartment or V-bucks, we are all just looking for something that makes us happy.