Junior Achievement Field Trip

Sophia Raya, Staff Writer

2019 JA field trip

Students walk around and visit different stations

Nearly every tenth grade student attended the Junior Achievement field trip, also known as JA, in order to get a feel for money related issues that they will come to find as an adult. Students attended this trip from eight to two in order to receive the full experience and understanding of responsibilities that one might have in the future.

Students started their JA journey armed with a tablet and specific volunteer randomly assigned to their group. These volunteers gave them insight on  how to budget and manage their money through from their life experiences. They also discussed about the struggles they had faced and how they had dealt with it.

With their tablets, students answered a series of questions in order to create their avatar. People either had spouses, children, a combination of both, or neither. The creation of the avatar led to the students figuring out how to properly manage their expenses.

“I thought it was really exciting and interesting that I was in debt and had to raise a child by myself,” says sophomore Carissa Godinez.

After the students had budgeted, they needed to go to the stations located around the complex in order to pay for their basic needs for the month with their JA issued credit card. Through a process of swiping their credit cards and entering codes into their tablets, students were able to obtain groceries, make an auto payment, or pay off their credit card debt.

By the end of all their transactions, students received a finance report that depicted where their money had gone, if their loans were approved, and what became of their investments. Many students had different outlooks onto what this field trip imprinted on them. Some had learned the difficulties of debt, while others had learned to budget and save money.

“I liked how it taught us about making difficult decisions in the future in regards to money. As long as you budget correctly, you will always make the right choices. Overall, I think the program is perfect the way it is,” says sophomore David Carlos.

All in all, the tenth graders learned important lessons about adult life and will hopefully build the framework for a successful financial future.