In Love With The Beatles

Mya Johnson, Staff Writer

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The Beatles’ music fills the theater as guests wait with anticipation for the show to start. Cloth drapes separate each section of the seats and clouds dance on the partitions in rhythm with the music. Then the lights dim, fog emerges, and the music becomes louder. The show has begun.

Throughout “Beatles Love,” Cirque Du Soleil brings The Beatles’ songs to life in a unique way. The show pays tribute to this iconic band by illustrating through movement and music both their musical legacy and their social consciousness.

“Beatles Love” opens with a calm ballet to the song “Because,” as four men appear from the fog. The men seem to represent John Lennon, George Harrison, Paul McCartney, and Ringo Starr, the four members of The Beatles. The fog begins to clear and the world around the men (in this case the stage) is depicted as chaotic and gloomy. But suddenly, the tune changes as more people appear on the stage and life is brought back to the town. As the song “Get Back” begins, this breathtaking show takes flight.

Throughout the show, there are many ups and downs, as there are in life. “Beatles Love” brings a vast collection of The Beatles music into one story seamlessly. It also brings characters from the songs to life as well. From Eleanor Rigby to Lucy, and Jude, all of the characters that we have been imagining are suddenly and magically standing before our very eyes.

In the middle of the show, “Beatles Love” makes a bold move, when playing the song “Blackbird”. As this song plays, all around the stage images of black children crying can be seen. “Blackbird,” written by Paul McCartney, was intended to symbolize how the black race was treated during the 1960s. This was not the only point in the show where “Beatles Love” took risks. During The Beatles song “Revolution,” two people dressed as KKK members dance across the stage. The risks in the show help to illustrate the risks The Beatles took to speak their truth through their music.  In “Beatles Love,” Cirque Du Soleil boldly exemplifies the social issues The Beatles brought to their music.