How Peppy are the Pep Rallies?

Jennifer Gutierrez, Staff Writer

The first pep rally of the 2018-2019 school year is happening on Friday, September 14th. Are you ready to show your school spirit? You might be one of the few people who are.


Students were suggested to wear Bayfront clothing in order to show their school spirit during this Friday’s pep rally. But, not everyone is thrilled to celebrate their Shark pride.


“I would add water balloon fights and dodgeball,” says Sophomore Yovani Arce as he thinks the school’s pep rallies are boring.


“Yeah, definitely,” said Arce after being asked if he thought the school needed to be more exhilarating during pep rallies.  


“It’s because students don’t like the school,” he said, “like the school and some teachers are a little boring.”


Not only do participants find the school’s pep rallies boring, the event planners do too. But they do not necessarily blame the school.


“If they showed school spirit then it wouldn’t be as lame or boring,” said Pep Commissioner Makayla Rojas.


Rojas plans and participates in the event herself as she is a pep commissioner and cheerleader. She thinks the students are also at fault for not making the pep rallies fun enough.


“We have given them chances to have an opinion on what they would like to see and they have never given their input”, said Rojas.


Do you think you lack school spirit, or is the school too “lame” to show pride for?