New Athletic Policy is Here

Lawrence Ojeda

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Athletes, On Your Marks, Get Set, Get Your Grades Up!!!


Attention athletes. Grade checks will be at 8am on Monday every week starting on September 17th, 2018. The teams that you are participating in will not accept you into upcoming events or sports games with any low grades.

Athletes have to to follow the CIF rule with Bayfront rule on top of that which states that, if at any time a student has a D or an F, they are not able to participate in the event or meet.

This indicates that all athletes have to be achieving their grades in order to participate. All students who are underachieving with a 1.9 GPA or lower will be forced to back out. “This is good rule to be in place for unaccountable and to teach them accountability,” stated coach for the volleyball team Alexandria Liguori. Liguori thinks that all students should be at grade level. “If the the rule is a c- or higher the teachers need to encourage the students to keep trying and push them to do their best”

With many schools trying to put their players on the field and avoiding this rule, “most schools have the teacher don’t put in the grades and just want the students to play,” senior Nico Muniz stated.