Counselors: Is More Better?

Brianna Brow, Staff Writer

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As with any school, the staff and counselors are a key component to student success. With the recent addition of intern counselor Crystal King, it begs the question: are more counselors needed?

“I chose to come to Bayfront because I originally knew Leti and I was very intrigued with the setting she was in,” King said. “It was very close and tight knit.”

There are new things to be expected, as counselor Leticia Espinoza explains.  

“She’s bringing new techniques to the school,” Espinoza said.

On the contrary, some people feel that a new member is not necessary. Sophomore Sergius Garcia believes having two counselors is all that is needed.

“I don’t think we need more counselors,” Garcia said.

The counselors are there for students to talk to, but not all students are open about visiting the counselor’s office. King is ready with ideas to help students open up to the idea of counselling.

“One of the things I’m trying to do is make sure I’m available to the students,” King said. “Also building a relationship with the students not individually, but collectively.”

King is ready to start interacting and working with the students.

“I’m excited to see my students grow and become contributing members of the community,” King said.