Volleyball injuries during games becoming problematic

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The previous two volleyball games had multiple ankle injuries. During the game Wednesday last week, Junior Jaiden Dilg had a major ankle injury during play. During the Tuesday game, Freshman Amy Gutierrez was injured, after having gone on a 10 point streak. Similar to Dilg, Gutierrez also had an ankle injury.

“It’s definitely taking a toll on our team, cause one of our best players who we can always count on when we needed her, got hurt.” said Freshman Arielle Enriquez. This was also one of the reasons that the Friday game was cancelled.

The reason for the ankle injuries is that when players leap to get the volleyball back in the air, they can land at an angle that is strenuous on the ankles, and this can cause injury. This is what happened in both incidents.

There is the concern that the recent injuries are discouraging the volleyball players, and according to Enriquez, “There have been a couple of people who have been discouraged by the injuries.”

The number of injuries may increase from here, which the pattern has shown thus far, but according to Enriquez, “you can never predict when injuries can happen, but you can always prevent them.”