L for Letterman J for Jackets

Angelina Goopio, Staff Writer

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The letterman jackets, which is common in athletics, is now coming during this time of year for the  selected sports .This school year the jacket will be awarded to outstanding athletes.

“a lot of high school athletics the letterman jackets are a source of pride,” said Athletics Director Ariel Sena- Calvillo.


Those students that follow the strict criteria of having a strong background in school and on the field will be chosen to receive the letter.

“ Cant have red cards on the field or have been suspended,” said Calvillo


In order for students to purchase the jacket they have to receive the letter.

Coaches will take notice of all the players and will decide which players are fit to receive the letter.

“students….will receive the letter while being in a full season of a CIF sport” said Sena Calvillo “It’s easy to get a letter if you do everything correctly as an athlete.”  


Coaches take recognition when athletes show perseverance and talent.

“you were recognized based on your talent in order to get the jacket.” said sophomore Erick Gonzalez


Although none of the students/ athletes have not seen the jacket, Dr. Riley is the one who introduced the idea of the jacket.

“ He came up with the design, color scheme, and materials too.”