New Vans at School

Marcos Morales, Staff Writer

There are two Ford Transits parked in front of the school. They are white and have a little Bayfront sharks logo on both sides of them. Students noticed the vans in the parking lot when they came back from fall break.

“The school administration agreed that the vans would be very helpful for many reasons”, Eileen Logue said. Logue is Bayfronts Financial Officer. The vans are going to be used for field trips, driving students to sports games, southwestern college and internships.

These are large vans so, what had to happen for them to arrive on campus?

“The order was placed in July, through Perry Ford in National City”, Logue said. The ford transit can have nine passengers and a driver in it. You are going to need as many seats as possible when transporting an entire sports team.

In conclusion, the vans are a great and useful addition to Bayfront. For transporting students to sports games, colleges or internships they will always be a good investment.