Our Safe Place Rundown


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Sophia Raya, Staff Writer

Our Safe Place, also known as OSP, is a drop off center that caters to the needs of queer youth and offers a variety of resources to help them in different situations. This program is dedicated to provide a place in which queer teens can receive help in order to have a brighter future. This is done by making adolescents feel welcomed and celebrated for who they are.

Our Safe Place has only been around for a year, but they tries to help others in more ways than one. Volunteers work with minors from as young as eight to as old as twenty-one. There is also a support group for kids that deal with topics regarding LGBT related problems and issues that the community faces.

“They’re letting people know that there’s a place where you can go to feel safe,” freshman Rebekah Robins says.

Our Safe Space also helps to provide support and guid schools that want queer, youth led groups.

It also provided information about how students can use them as a resource for creating a GSA,” English teacher Gabrielle Campos said. Campos was the one who invited Our Safe Space to present.

Our Safe Place also offers the freedom to use their preferred pronoun, and prioritizes creating youth driven spaces.

Sophomore Emma Danilowicz says that she would recommend Our Safe Place to a friend and would attend it in addition to Robins.

Our Safe Place caters to those looking for a place to fit in, and those in need of support whether it be through mental health resources or everyday group talk. Overall, Our Safe Place helps the community by providing a place where young people can flourish and grow for years to come.

For more information visit: https://sdyouthservices.org/what_we_do/services/mental-health-services/our-safe-place/