Sign-up For ASL Club

Julianna Carranza, Staff Writer

Have you ever encountered a person that you were not able to communicate with due to hearing issues? The American Sign Language (ASL) club wishes to make these scenarios easier to handle.

The ASL club, advised by Math Teacher Anthony Ritz and run by Club President Miguel Torres, gather in room 6 every Tuesday to learn how to sign.

“I think it’s beneficial because one: you can start a career in translating or interpreting,” Vice President Itzia Gutierrez said.

Gutierrez explains that you can help others to communicate. Torres and Gutierrez recognized a need for this club.

“This was started because there was mutual interest in learning the language, but we never really knew of anybody who could teach it until we learned that Mr. Ritz [taught] it before,” Gutierrez said.

Sophomore Tanya Lopez explains how the club works and what they usually do during the hour-long meeting.

“[Mr. Ritz] shows us words on the TV, and then he teaches the sign for us, so we can learn the meaning,” Lopez says.

Although it is a good learning experience, Lopez addresses the difficulty that occurs during meetings.

“I think it’s good, it can be a little bit hard the way Mr. Ritz does it, that he doesn’t let us speak at all,” Lopez states. “I feel like you can learn way faster with Mr. Ritz’s way, but it is harder and more confusing. It has its pros and cons.”

Gutierrez expresses the same opinion regarding the learning saying that “sometimes it could be harmful because you can’t really ask for help or talk, you just have to figure it out.”

Even though the students agree that it may need some changing, the ASL club is able to encourage students to learn sign language.