Bayfront’s Poets

Brianna Brow, Staff Writer

Many new clubs have formed in this first semester, with Poetry Club being a new extracurricular. English and Creative Writing teacher Morgan Kinnally acts as advisor of this new club, which meets every Tuesday during lunch.

I love creative writing, and I love seeing what students do and always being so surprised and excited about the kinds of things students write about,” Kinnally says.

At the start of the meeting, members are able to recite personal poems they have written, with other members analyzing the piece after it is recited.

“It is a way we can improve in our writing and the way we communicate it,” senior Jessica Lopez says.

Some club members, along with Kinnally, believe that there is “still room for improvement” in the way that the club is ran.

“I think every club can improve in some way,” sophomore Linda Vanessa Lamas says, “for this one specifically, I think they can organize themselves a little better.”

As advisor, Kinnally does the “majority” of the running of the club. Even so, the club does have an executive team, with the club president being senior Ashley Gonzales.

“I think they will do very well [running the club], but it’s just new,” Kinnally says, “I look forward to see what it’ll look like in the future, and I would love to see it driven by more students.”

Even with “room for improvement,” Poetry Club continues to provide a space where people come together for poetry.

“Everyone is supportive of each other, and it makes me very happy,” Lamas says.