They shoot, They score

David Carlos and Felix Garcia

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Everyone is on a green field. The tension is high. Only the best of the best will make it on the soccer team.

On November 29, soccer tryouts began. Students worked hard for three days to make it on the team. In the end, only 22 out of the 42 student-athletes made the team.

“We looked for overall athletes at particular positions, such as mid defenders; great mid and wing players that could run and pass excellent all game. And forwards that could shoot the best and have amazing footwork in order to take advantage of their opportunities everytime we reach the front,” Coach Rigoberto Solis said.

Solis played soccer since he was a kid.

“My cousins and I would play in our backyards and in the streets in L.A. Many times we would end up hurt and scraped, but we did not care, we would still play,” said Solis.

Solis’ players also have fond memories of soccer when they were younger.

“[My earliest memory] Was going to a daycare and playing soccer in Mexico,” sophomore Gilberto Ballesteros said.

“I was in kindergarten. I used to watch soccer with my family,” sophomore Jason Valdez said. The soccer players are confident in there team this year, and they have right to feel so.

All of student-athletes trained hard and shown to be very skilled soccer players.

“I think the team has really good players and we have the capacity of having a really good season if we, as players put in effort and dedication during practices.” Ballesteros said. Other players believe they can go further.

“I think that the team has experienced players, and we are capable of going to the championship”, sophomore Angel Flores said.

This soccer season is something that you will want to check out.