The Girls Basketball Team Geared Up And Ready To Go

Mark Imler, Staff Witter

Basketball is one of the most popular sports at Bayfront Charter High School. Coming off a league championship, the girl’s basketball team is ready to dominate the league again this year, but this time in a brand new league. Girls Basketball Coach Ron Dyste is especially excited to see his team play in this competitive league.

“I feel good about the girls this year, I think they have kicked off from where they were last season in their defensive rotations,” Dyste said

Dyste believes in his team and has no doubts that he and his team can bring Bayfront another banner as they did last year.

“Yes, I do believe we have a chance at winning the league even though its a tougher league this year,” Dyste said

Dyste is very confident about knowing the challenges that come from playing in a new league. Bigger schools and bigger opponents are just another use for motivation and drive for this team.

Overall the girl’s basketball team has the challenge and expectation to dominate this year under coach Dyste’s watch. All eyes will be on the girl’s team knows there is added pressure on the all we can do is enjoy the show.