Bayfront’s Basketball Team Go’s Live

Lawrence Ojeda

On November 9th, the basketball team went live for the start of the new season. This year, the team has new and old team members joining Varsity and Junior Varsity.

“I expect to play good ball and work as a team,” says Coach Kristopher Cawood. This year the team has a new manager named Sebastian Whitefield. He was on the team last year, but due to incidents he will not be playing.

“It’s fun going to the games while filming and making sure the team is growing,” says WhiteField.

He wants the team to “improve and get better” so that they can make the championship.

The season has started with a score of 0-1. Even so, so there is still time for the team to gain some wins.

“I hope this team can pull through and make the championship and to keep improving their skill as a basketball player,” Cawood says. “Although we have almost no seniors, I hope the team can pull through.” The boys are working hard to make the dream a reality. They can keep working hard to better their play and communication.